Krav Maga Women

Help women to defend themselves.

Krav Maga Women Instructor Course

You would like to start with your own Krav Maga group for women or offer self-defense seminars in the future? Then the Krav Maga Women Instructor offers you a useful additional qualification.

Although Krav Maga is equally suitable and easy to learn for everyone, there are some differences in the training of men and/ or women.

The Krav Maga Women Instructor offers you a useful, specialized additional qualification as a self-defense instructor.

What makes a course interesting for women? Keyword: Motivation - the most important trainer! As a Krav Maga Women Instructor, you have to consider a variety of topics, such as "body contact", fitness, technique variety, individual stress limits, and last but not least, possible traumatic predispositions, such as sexualized violence.

After you pass the test you will become a certified Krav Maga Academy International Women Instructor..


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