Seminars in the Krav Maga Academy

In the Krav Maga Academy we regularly offer seminars for anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves or in their professional life. The seminars usually last half a day.

Do not be a victim! - Learn to defend yourself fast & effective!


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Self-defense for women

We offer regularly self-defense seminars for womans who want to learn how to protect themselves against street attacks, sexual assault and other dangers in everyday life. In the seminar you will learn among others:

  • How do I behave properly in raids and dangerous situations?
  • How do I defend myself against sexual assault?
  • Learn vulnerabilities / attack points. So you can effectively and easily defend yourself.


Outdoor Seminar

How do I react in a potentially dangerous situation and impede the physical attacks of one or more people on the street or in the parking place? Avoiding the danger, escape or attack? Learn simple but very effective self-defense techniques from our qualified krav maga instructors. After learning the first basics, what you have learned will be immediately deepened in realistic conditions.


Self defense against knifes and firearms

This special Krav Maga seminar deals with knife threats as well as with firearms (pistol) threats. The content of this seminar includes:

  • Recognition and evaluation of dangerous situations
  • inner attitude (desire to survive) possibilities of de-escalation
  • allocation techniques and counter-attack
  • use of self-protection weapons

This seminar is destined to people with/without experience in self defense training, martial arts practitioners, or various high-risk professions.


Security & Anti-Terror Seminar

Krav Maga Securtiy & Anti-Terror provides an effective tool to optimally solve critical problems from professional situations such as:

  • army
  • bodyguards
  • the police forces
  • persons who are working with aggressive clients/ patients

There are also various exercises of terrorist situations (The Worst Case Scenario). What do I do against a terrorist attack, how to keep others safe? Fit for emergencies.


Luta Livre Self Defense

Luta Livre is a Brazilian martial arts system. In the Seminar Luta Livre Self Defense Seminar you will learn the most efficient and important ground fighting techniques from this sport, which can also be used for self-defense in any kind of dangerous situations. Techniques are applied from different situations and positions. The technical application is determined by the key positions of the opponent and not necessarily by the nature of the attack. As a result Luta Livre Self Defense Seminar completes other self-defense offers. Content of this seminar:

  • escape from the mount positio
  • escapes from various grappling chokes and submissions
  • escape from the guard position