Krav Maga

Become a Krav Maga Instructor! Train with professional instructors, which are certified from Israel!

Krav Maga Instructor Course

Learn from coaches trained in Israel - No organization costs!

In our instructor course you will going to learn everything from how to become a professional instructor, how to build your own self defense group/school and how to use your social media, website, marketing and to build a successful business.

The Krav Maga Instructor training includes a 60-hour training programm. You have two possibilities to register for our instructor course: 1 week intense course ( Monday - Sunday ) or 2 weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

To it more easier and comfortable for you, you have the possibility to book the instructor course with full accommodation (room and breakfast).

The instructor course does’t require special conditions, but we recommend you to have at least 2 years experience in Krav Maga or any other combat fighting sport.

After you pass the test you will become a certified Krav Maga Academy International Instructor.


Course Content

  • Basic Striking
  • Defense against street punches
  • Basic kicks
  • Defense against street kicks
  • Distance/ close combat
  • How do you move in a street fight?
  • Defense against bear hugs
  • Hands, t-shirt grap
  • Choques defense
  • Stock-, Baseball-Abwehr
  • Ground fighting
  • Defence against knife
  • Defence against stick / baseball atacks
  • Defence against pistol or other fire arms
  • Defence against multiple attackers
  • and much more


If you want to join our instructor course please bring with you your own training equipment (gloves, mouth guard, sport clothes, groin protection etc.). For any questions you can call us under 004915173037914 or simply you can send us a WhatsApp message.

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Possibility to pay in several parts!

04.11.2019 - 10.11.2019
Krav Maga Instructor (intense course)
03.02.2020 - 09.02.2020
Krav Maga Instructor (intense course)